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Affiliate Relationships

Current Affiliate Relationships

• At launch, Magistri Mama has only one affiliate marketing relationship: The agreement requires me to identify myself with this text: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” (7/29/2019)
• Magistri Mama currently has no sponsors or sponsored content. (7/29/2019)

Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, & Sponsored Content Explained

Content marketing

Content marketing is a practice in which a company generates and shares no-cost, useful information for a targeted audience to achieve any of five goals or their combination:
1. Engage an online community of users
2. Increase brand awareness or credibility
3. Attract attention and generate [sales] leads
4. Expand their customer base
5. Generate or increase online sales
—Text copied verbatim from Wikipedia 1 first paragraph, reordered and numbers added by MM

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of product marketing based on a financial relationship between the blog author and the recommended product’s company. In blogging, the most common affiliate marketing relationship means that a blog author will receive a small fee for each completed sale that results from a click-through from their blog to the affiliated company. This fee can be either a percentage of the qualifying sale or a flat fee. Example: links in blogs or websites are almost always affiliate links that result in a the blog author receiving a small percentage of sales completed in a specified time after a click-through from their blog to

Sponsored content that exists because a sponsor provided a fee, product, or service to the blog author in exchange for the post. Example: A company s a blog author a free product in exchange for the author writing a review of that product and posting it on their blog. In the best case scenario, the review is unbiased. However, there is always a concern that authors can have even unintended positive bias based on the free product.

Blogging is a content marketing activity

As the profession of blogging has matured, professional bloggers have increasingly adopted and encouraged transparency in their pursuit of content marketing goals. This is not only because honesty and transparency are good ethical practices, but also because the market rewards them. Just as in more traditional trades, consumers prefer to patronize entrepreneurs that they feel they can trust.

From hobby bloggers to mommy bloggers to professionals starting a blog as away to better explain their business, blogging’s primary mission isto establish or enhance an author’s public expertise in a chosen topic area.Based on this central tenet, it is reasonable to assume that every blogger who creates a presence on the internet wishes to at least achieve the first 2 of the 5 listed content marketing goals: 1) increase brand awareness or credibility and 2) engage an online community of users. I started Magistri Mama to achieve both of these goals, to avoid a gap on my resume while I am a full-time parent, and to learn a new skill set while keeping my current professional knowledge and skills in reasonable shape.

Professional bloggers may also wish to achieve the remaining 3 content marketinggoals by pursuing various methods to monetize their blogging activities (affiliate marketing, sponsorships, advertisements, consulting, guest speaking,sales of their own products and services like books and courses).

Magistri Mama’s Approach to Making Money through this Blog

The differences between ethical and unethical blogging practice with regard to product recommendations and sales are 1) the relationship between the blog author and product company and the transparency of that relationship; and 2) how and why a product recommendation is generated and transparency of those starting places for the published content.

Magistri Mama explains how and why each product recommendation is made and discloses relationships with companies and services. Recommendations are based on best outcomes and posted regardless of an affiliate relationship with a company. Affiliate links are identified.
Magistri Mama will develop and accept selected affiliate marketing opportunities for products that are already selected for recommendation. I also have interest in consulting and guest speaking that continues from my previous career as a university professor.

I appreciate any purchases made through my affiliate links. However, as someone who encourages frugal lifestyles, I encourage you to take full advantage of any thrifty opportunities at your disposal. This includes local libraries for recommended books and thrift stores, baby/child resale stores, Facebook Marketplace, and E-Bay for used/second-hand versions of recommended kid gear and other products that are safe to buy used. Following the wise advice to reduce/reuse/recycle is a proven financial and environmental problem-solving method in and of itself.